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Colour Balancing for Your Website

Colour is an important aspect of everyday life and makes it more exciting and happy. In our daily life, each colour delivers a specific message even though we may be unaware of it. Every region and culture has its own colour favourites. Some colours serve to invoke feelings and emotions relative to a particular culture or society. From ceremonies to street signals, each colour expresses a unique message. Similarly, you need to use the right colour on your website to create the desirable effect on visitors. Willco Web Design offers world class web design for Warwickshire and in this article we provide you useful tips on selecting and using the most effective colour conventions for your website.

The Colour Wheel

Colours generally have three modes in which they are interpreted. These are HSV (Hue Saturation Value), CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) and RGB (Red Green Blue). Each mode has its own specific use. For HTML, RGB mode is widely utilised. A colour wheel is used to represent various colours. This wheel shows different shades of the same colour. Artists and painters use the colour wheel to mix various colour shades.

Colour Harmony

Certain colours mix well together while others don’t. Those that go well together are near to each other in their location on the colour wheel. Complementary colours can found on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Colours convey various messages, provoke emotions and can be used to satisfy your aesthetic requirements. Colours like brown, dark green, black and blue seem to linger in the background while bright colours such as orange, red, white and yellow are more in the face. For this reason, you should not use bright colours as background because the importance of the content will be lost whatever be the colour of the text.

Colour Combination

Now that we have provided you basic information about the colour wheel, let’s take a look at the various effective colour combinations that you can use to make your website look interactive and lively. Generally, it is advisable to combine colours belonging to the following categories:

• Warm Colours: On the colour wheel, these range between red and yellow green

• Cool Colours: These include violet, blue and green.

• Monochromatic Colours: These combine all hues of a single colour segment on the wheel

More Tips

Do basic research to find out what colours mean before using them on your website. As mentioned earlier, a background in dark colour will disinterest and annoy your visitors. So make sure you use the right colours in appropriate places to convey the best message to your visitors. The colours you choose should complement and enhance your corporate image.

It is essential to use the right colour balance for your website so that the text stands out and is easily readable. The best websites have colours that are easy on the eyes and create a favourable impression on visitors. Willco Web Design provides top quality web design for Warwickshire and can create world class websites for your company that will stand out from the crowd and serve to enhance your business prospects.



Published on: 10th November 2013