Common Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid

While designing your company’s website, you should ensure to incorporate attractive ideas that make your site stand out from the crowd. The website should not turn out to be an embarrassment and damage your corporate image. Certain mistakes can be commonly detected in the creation and display of a website. Willco Web Design offers top rate web design for Warwickshire and in this article we reveal five common designing mistakes that you should avoid on your website.

Excessive Graphics

Too much of graphics will make the website heavy, making loading difficult. Large graphics, applets and images will make your website load slowly. This will turn off visitors who may not have the patience to wait forever for the website to load. Thus, you may end up losing visitors because of the slow loading speed. Our tip is to use GIF files for pictures and not normal JPEG ones. You should also keep the size of the graphics small, but make sure you do not distort the images.

Hit Counter

A hit counter shows the total number of hits on a website. You should not use one unless you get heavy traffic on your site. Otherwise a visitor may feel embarrassed to find out he is only visitor number 10 on your website. To keep track of traffic, use a hit counter offline and ensure your visitors do not get to view it. Use a visible hit counter only if you get thousands of visitors. You can then use data about the traffic to attract promote your site and attract advertisers.

Heavy Banners

Use ad banners in a limited and effective manner on your site. Banners are graphics that take a long time to load and may end up irritating the visitors. Most visitors do not click on banners and prefer to ignore them. Make sure the banner does not hide important links or information on your site. The banner should be related to your products or services and should be of interest to your target customers.

Cluttered Website

Avoid cluttering your website with unnecessary content and graphics and ensure it is well organised. A visitor should not have any difficulty accessing the content or products you wish to showcase on your site. Your website should be easy to navigate so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Try to capture the visitors’ attention and lead them effortlessly to the important products and content on the site.

Avoid Generalisation

Do not use a one-size-fits-all universal template for your website. Personalise your site and make it interactive. Try to appeal to your visitors’ emotions and develop a bond with them so that they are tempted to return to your site time and time again. The best websites offer definite services targeted at a niche market. Communicate directly with your target visitors and make them feel at home when they are browsing your website.

You can increase the appeal and effectiveness of your website by avoiding the above common designing errors. Willco Web Design offers international quality web design for Warwickshire and we can create world class websites for your business to help boost your corporate image.

Published on: 18th November 2013