Creating Simple and Legible Websites

Webpage searching may not be a difficult task for any regular web surfer. Regular web surfers can easily find out new ways of browsing as well. Though web surfing does not need an innate skill, webmasters strive all the time to make this as easy as possible. Just assume for a while, what happens if your business website is being visited by someone who is not so web savvy at all! As business websites should be communicative and more interactive, creating a simple website becomes an apparent move. This helps you to make your website easily usable and navigate within. At Willco Web Design we craft impeccable web design for Warwickshire and ensure that your website is convenient for every type of users.

Many people use computers as they would use a microwave or a dryer at their home. They are never too concerned about all the intricacies of the system. Hence, you need to be more specific while targeting visitors to your website.

Making the website URL search engine friendly

People use different methods of searching for a website that they need to visit. While some type the URL directly into the address bar and view the website, some users are unable to open the site even when they have the site URL! These users generally type the website URL into search engines and select the desired site from the result thus obtained. To ensure that every search engine recognizes your website, you should craft it more on search-engine-friendly terms. Thus, you will also be able to target even that small group of web surfers less adept with the cyber world.

Choosing appropriate title tag

Web search is often an ambiguous phenomenon and this differs from person to person. Very often people remember keywords instead of a web URL. When they type a keyword into the search engine, only web pages with relevant description are opened. Hence, it is important that your title tag has all the relevant keywords. This makes your website appear in the results as a web surfer type his queries through keywords and there is a fair chance that he might visit your website.

Avoid too much content!

Ensure that you craft your website as attractively and artistically as possible. Lure the visitors to your website, make them curious to read the content and let them visit again and again. To realize this, the content has to be brief and right to the point. Avoid dull and too long a text, avoid annoying your visitors by letting them do too much of scrolling. You don’t need to be too short, just be lucid while you present the core information of your website.

Avoid too many pop ups

The pop up windows could be promotion, ads or some simple information. However, not all the visitors to your website can handle pop ups properly. These guest windows can sometimes deter the visitors’ concentration and damage your business to some extent. Proper handling of pop ups and hyperlinks can help avoid distracting your visitors. Before you finalize the design and develop your website, try out a rough layout. Once ready, test your website before launching it on the web. Take a trial and identify the problems that your users might face. At Willco Web Design, we craft excellent web design for Warwickshire and ensure that your websites are simple and legible to give your visitors a pleasing user-experience.

Published on: 3rd November 2013