Designing Your Website for Search Engines

The purpose of a corporate website is to convey information about your business to visitors and potential customers. To reach a wider audience, you need to make sure your website is ranked high on major search engines. To ensure this, you are required to follow a few ground rules that can get your site a high ranking on search engines. At Willco Web Design, we provide attractive web design for Warwickshire and stick to the basics while we design your website for search engines.

Make Structure Clear

The layout of your website should be clear and attractive to impress your target readers. A well-organised site makes it easy for search engines to recognise the location of headings and content as well as the ease of navigation of the site. You should use appropriate tags for headings and subheadings. Use specific codes to ensure the site has a clear structure and is easy to navigate.

Keep Keywords Consistent

You need to understand how to use keywords smartly in the content of the website. You cannot deliberately overuse keywords as search engines are smart enough to see through this tactic. So make sure to use relevant keywords in the prescribed density in each article and post. More than keywords, focus on providing high quality useful content in perfect English to benefit the readers.

HTML and JavaScript

You need to realise that search engines are able to read HTML but not JavaScript. So do not use JavaScript to insert text. To make your site search engine-friendly use HTML to insert all the text. You can utilise JavaScript for other parts of the site, but certainly not content. This will make your website organised and more focused.

Use Meta Tags

Meta tags have become almost redundant as they are no longer considered by search engines for ranking purpose. Yet they still have an important use which is to provide information about your website to visitors. Use relevant and pertinent Meta tags for the benefit of readers.

Avoid Splash Pages

A splash page displays your logo on a full page and looks attractive. But unfortunately search engines do not recognise splash pages. As a result your ranking could go down by using them. So avoid the temptation of featuring splash pages on your website.

Include Alt Tags

Just as keywords are important in content, similarly alt tags are equally vital for graphics and images. Therefore, you should ensure to alt text your graphics and images as search engines recognise them. Change the alt tag each time you replace the images or graphics.

Feature Good Content

The saying ‘Content is king’ is especially true when it comes to getting a high ranking on search engines. Good quality relevant content can get you links from other websites and this is looked upon favourably by search engines. Useful content is often shared by readers on social media thereby gaining further mileage for your site. So, ensure your website features high quality content to make it stand out from the crowd.

Willco Web Design offers striking web design for Warwickshire and we build top quality websites that automatically get a favourable ranking on all the important search engines.

Published on: 20th January 2014