Increasing Web Navigation

Your website might have a great content; unless it is easily navigable, you can’t convert visitors into customers. Your website is a potential marketing tool to bring more business to your company. An easy navigation is the key to hold visitors onto your site. Unless you offer an easy navigation, your visitors won’t be able to move even the home page of your website. How can you expect them to opt for your wares or services on offer then? At Willco Web Design, we deliver web design Warwickshire more presentable and let visitors decipher your website with great ease.

Using Conventional Icons and Terms

Being too much creative in giving essential directions in your website could trouble your customers. Say, you are having a shopping site and use some ambiguous words instead of conventional words like “Order”, “Buy” etc. The customer won’t be able to complete his/her purchase and might decide to log out of the site! At Willco Web Design, we employ conventional icons and terms so that your customers are more comfortable while using your site. We make your sites explicit but avoid being too explanatory.

Revealing the Website Structure

We reveal your website’s structure in the navigation toolbar. At the same time, we take care that the toolbar doesn’t reveal the entire content of the website. We are very much specific while we design the navigation toolbar and see that it is designed as per the site needs. Web applications that serve varied user needs and preferences need better navigation toolbars. While we undertake web design Warwickshire, we provide your websites with fast, organised and yet simple navigation toolbars.

Breadcrumb Links

Breadcrumb links offer your website visitors an easier way to find their way back up to any higher level while they browse. If you opt out of navigation toolbar, we can provide your website with breadcrumb links. These text links in horizontal series connect to all the locations and help visitors to find pages that they have visited.

Providing Easy Information

We help visitors gain more information easily when they visit your website. We arrange all the relevant pages to come one after the other in a row and make sure that they are not separated in between by more than three clicks. We provide shortcuts through menus, site maps, table of contents, etc. and enable a visitor access more information and read through each page easily.

Avoiding Irrelevant Links

Screen space is precious and we regard that very well. We use it wisely and avoid any irrelevant links in your website that give your site an unorganised look that is least liked by your visitors. Avoiding irrelevant links in your website also helps you as visitors spend their quality time on your website. By a careful arrangement of pertinent links, we ensure that your website is well utilised by your potential customers.

A Clear Approach

We are very much clear with our approach and avoid putting any ambiguous graphic into your website. Being mysterious could easily irk the visitors. We equip your websites with search tools for easy navigation. We provide larger websites that have numerous web pages with a well designed search tool. This provides visitors to have an easy assistance in understanding whatever they need to know about your website.

When you own a website that adeptly helps your visitors to become familiar with it, they certainly feel comfortable to visit your website more often.

Published on: 16th November 2013