Make Your Website More Accessible

You might have done everything it takes to create a good informative website, what will you do if your website fails to pull enough visitors? The reason behind this failure is your site’s accessibility. In today’s world, there is acute competition everywhere and Internet is not an exception for this. In fact, the competition here is more intense and each of the competitors in the fray has a very little margin for error. At Willco Web Design, adequate emphasis is laid on accessibility while we deliver top class web design for Warwickshire.


Since your website is a mode of communication between you and your customer, it is apparent that your website presents itself well. Help the visitor understand your website well, make it more accessible and be more user-friendly. Here are a few things that help you make your website more engaging and interactive with the visitors.

Add simple alternatives to audio and visual content

Adding some simple alternatives to audio and visual content of your website is a good idea. Some systems may not be able to interpret these contents well. Put enough explanation texts and links to enable visitors know your website well enough.

Adorn your website but don’t over do it

Creating a beautiful and attractive website is very much essential, but it is more important to add professional approach. Expressive visuals are more effective than just hues. Colors present two dimensional images in a better shape, but visual interaction should get its due.

Applying an appropriate style sheet

Follow the proper style sheet in your HTML page; this makes your website more accessible. Maintain proper specifications to create a flawless HTML page. Place every HTML tag correctly.

Using proper language

Make out appropriate HTML language tags to indicate the language your website is using. Be very clear while your use abbreviations and ensure that when acronyms occur first, they are specified within your context.

Other useful tips

Put adequate information inside the representation diagrams to grab the visitor’s attention.

To make your website more accessible, ensure that all the versions of HTML you use should work when a visitor views your page.

Employ user friendly visuals instead of annoying the visitor with too many animations. You can provide options to stop these animations or allow the visitor to use a page free of animations.

The web content should provide user guidelines for embedded interfaces like plug-ins and applets; this helps the visitor to gain familiarity with your website.

Ensure that you are pretty consistent with your navigation system.

Make sure that you use proper and familiar words while explain your links. Always avoid using ambiguous and unfamiliar words while you indicate something really important.

Ensure flawless documentation in your website. Never place jargons, grammatical or spelling errors in your content. While undertaking web design for Warwickshire, Willco Web Design ensures that you get an impeccable website and help you present it to your visitors rationally.


The more you help your visitors understand your website, the more accessible it becomes. By understanding what your visitors look for, you can even make some subtle alterations in your existing website.


Published on: 8th December 2013