Micro Sites Are Going Down

When you were in need of greater leads to your locale, the local SEO might have suggested you to go with a mini site. However, this idea works no more. These micro sites have been creating some problem for Google for quite some time. It is for this reason Google has been putting kibosh on such micro sites slowly without creating much publicity. Micro sites were a great idea; a company would create a website catering their strong points in a go. These sites would flash their main offers with a strong keyword domain name and throwing some links at them would fetch you gold. With some drastic changes in recent algorithms, this idea will not be working anymore.

Features such as “gSlap” are creating more worries for site owners who mostly use keyword domains to rank high in Google pages. There is no respite even if your site name has no hyphens in it. The trust and the age of a domain are of much value. As long as your site has had more incoming links in the recent past and customers have been flocking in, there might not be serious concerns as such.

One more algorithm development, the local update is slowly eating off these micro sites. This feature could have a serious influence on local businesses. It becomes all the important that you have profiles on Google and other local sites as well. If this is not the case, you will be missing out some of the positive features that could help you improve your current business. If you are having a well-established site, this feature becomes a necessity.

Make sure that your listing with the local business is accurate; this will help you improve your local businesses. If your domain has gained enough trust, InsiderPages categories will give you a higher position in the category hierarchy. Therefore, it makes sense that you claim your local profiles with a full-fledged spirit on sites such as CitySearch, InsiderPages, Yahoo, MerchantCircle and even Google.

You will see that many of the current trends in algorithms have been discouraging mini/micro sites. What could be the possible solution? You must concentrate on building greater website designs that focus more on conversions rather than just rankings. Majority of the small businesses would find creating such sites as an expensive task. We all like to have sites dedicated to tout out all our services cheaply.

An easier and an effective way out will be to design and build out a page on your already existing site. You could optimize it for getting more conversions and send paid traffic to this site. Think of managing one domain on each of the content rather than managing too many domains at a time. People would surely develop many other ways to beat the system. The point is, you build up a site and optimize pages so that they communicate well about many different services in an effective way and build more links.

It is sure; the days of micro sites are gone.


Published on: 15th December 2013