How to produce great SEO and serve your audience well

Most of the marketing professional and website owners are continuously on a look out to produce great SEO. What is the secret of producing a great SEO? In addition, how can you design, create an impact on your target audience and not just attract search engines?

Write content for human audiences.

All of us love to see that our website does well in the search results; this is why we produce SEO content. However, while doing so many of the site owners tend to forget that should create an appealing content at the same time. If your content does not appeal your visitors there is no point in producing highly SEO enabled content. Note that search engines are not going to buy your goods and services but the human visitors.

It is great that your website is ranked well by the search engines and you get tons of traffic. It is equally important that there is a good conversion rate too, that is the real value of your SEO program. It is important that you pull in the right type of people to visit your site. It is important that you optimize your content well enough to catch the audiences’ mind the first time around.

Build your all-inclusive online brand.

If you are starting a fresh with SEO, your visitors are most likely to find your site through some branded search. SEO is designed in such a way as to help people find something that did not exist previously but has come up a fresh now. Build up your all-inclusive online brand by targeting on a set of different keywords rather than targeting a single keyword. Do not put all of your eggs in one particular basket, it is better that you spread across and target more audience as such. Along with content marketing, you can enter marketing through social media, video marketing, online PR and such other arenas to build up an overall brand value.

Do not aspire for short-term wins when you can actually gain in long term wins.

Creating too much of black hat SEO means you are just chasing the algorithm. This will help you boost your SEO ranks artificially, but will create a bitter experience for your visitor. Instead, focus on long-term success; this will also create a good will among your visitors. Your SEO content would gain a good positive momentum after a year or so and could take off on its own.

Be visitor centric.

Avoid too much of confusions and link exchanges in your SEO content. Make sure that all your links are relevant and do not beat around the bush for too long. When you are building a website for your visitors, put their comfort at the first place.

Eventually, you must realize that SEO campaigns are designed to create a user-friendly experience for your visitors and not just to beat the search engines. Focus more on visitors’ needs; this will naturally boost your website ranking.

Published on: 27th January 2014