Responsive Web Designing

Three and a half years have passed from where Ethan Marcotte stemmed the concept of “Responsive Web Design” for A List Apart on 25th May 2010. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion and developments in Responsive Web Designing. The basic idea behind Responsive Web Design is to create websites to fit in with different screen sizes. The web designers and the developers craft these web sites to employ W3C CSS3 media queries through fluid grids along with fluid images in most cases, these websites adapt to the layout of the viewing environment. Media queries, flexible images and fluid grids are the key technical components of responsive web design. At Willco Web Design, we not only employ these three basic ingredients but we give websites a complete new set of possibilities with our unique ideas.

Gone are the days when websites were mostly approached through desktops or laptops. With the advent of tablets, iPhones, iPads and such other gadgets, ‘the screen size’ has been inconsistent with each device in use. Considering this, it is evident that there is not much gap between the entire buzz around and the real importance of responsiveness in websites we need to build. With a huge shift of web users from desktops and laptops to handsets, it is imperative that every website should be adaptive enough to meet the needs of flexible screen sizes. However, even in the light of these developments it is surprising to note that a considerable amount of websites haven’t gone all that responsive yet!

Most of the clients who look to build their new sites obviously want mobile versions of their websites. This is not just essential but practical as well; we need to build websites compatible with all screen resolutions. A couple of years ago, with each additional invention to the existing horde of gadgets it seemed as if we were slipping into a position in which it was almost impossible to keep abreast with the new emerges of devices and resolutions. It was realized that creating different versions of a single website for each new device and new resolution is not just a tedious task but impractical as well. There was a situation in which web owners feared to lose visitors from devices for which their websites were not compatible enough! In such a state of confusion, Responsive Web Design has emerged as a viable solution.

At Willco Web Design, we employ a blend of flexible images, layouts and grids and a clever use of CSS media queries to design and develop your websites to show optimum response to user’s environments and behaviours based on various platforms, screen sizes and orientations. For different users from laptop to iPad, your website would switch to accommodate for different resolutions, scripting abilities and image sizes automatically. By providing an automatic response technology, we enable your website to anticipate and respond to different user preferences. We have been successfully employing Responsive Web Designing in eliminating the need of different phase and different design for each of the new gadgets emerging in the market. Furthermore, the users get a quality experience no matter how small or large their display is.


Published on: 12th November 2013