Using Responsive Web Design to Manage Your SEO Strategy!

When we take up some work, we tend to agree and follow what professionals and experts in that filed suggest us, don’t we? And when Google suggests that RWD is the best practice while promoting an SEO campaign, we all agree with that. This is because that we all know that Google is an expert with the web world and Google says what it has learnt from its observation and experience. Looking from an SEO perspective, what are the advantages that RWD offer you? Let’s check out how RWD can help in managing your SEO strategy.

Google and Bing Endorse RWD, you should check out why?

With a continuous shift of web visitors and users from conventional large screen desktops, laptops to mobiles, Google claims that RWD works best for your website. Bing has endorsed RWD as an ideal technique while building a website. Would you not like to check why search-engines are so pro-RWD? Here are the reasons:

  • It is convenient for search engine algorithms to process single URLs than different URLs for mobile and desktop websites.
  • Search engines are more efficient in crawling, indexing and organizing website content when a single URL and the same HTML are present.
  • When it comes to sharing a link, it’s easier to share a single URL rather than multiple URLs. If you normally use a mobile phone for web browsing and want to share a web URL with someone on a desktop, it can easily be done as there is only one URL. If the site had different URLs for mobile and desktop versions, it would only be more annoying!

RWD Goes Well With Varying Screen Sizes!

You can see that people use different devices to browse the web. Some of your colleagues find it convenient to use a tiny mobile screen of 128X128; others may be using a touch screen of 320X480. Your boss would be using a 640X360 Tablet, while his PA would be using a desktop at most times of the day. With so many varying screen sizes, it is practically impossible to design your website to be accessed with all the existing screen sizes and many more to come!

At Willco Web Design, we deliver responsive web design enabling your website for an easier transition across various screen sizes, thus making the search easier and more convenient. When you find something interesting on the web with your touch screen, you can share the same URL with your friend using a Tablet, no fuss created! The consistency that RWD offers is a blessing that promotes your SEO strategy.

Managing Your SEO Campaigns

Activities like thorough keyword research, framing feasible solutions, implementing SEO strategies and market analysis are very much essential to achieve better results from your website. With multiple URLs, your SEO campaign becomes that much more complex. It incurs more cost, more time and gives you an extra dose of stress. With unique RWD solutions through Willco Web Design, you can work upon a single SEO campaign and streamline all your efforts and resources to enhance your website’s visibility more efficiently.

As RWD offers great user experience regardless of the device in use, it certainly promotes your SEO campaigns.





Published on: 6th January 2013