Website Designing: Content Supremacy and Graphic Dominance

Web designing cannot always follow any rule book scrupulously. Like any other designing format, web designing has to be appealing, expressive and informative as well. However, it is not always possible to guess your visitors’ choices correctly. Something that seems interesting to your web designer may not appeal your visitors. Most web designers craft their sites around two major components- content and graphics. At Willco Web Design, we are well aware of providing your websites with an apt blend of these key components while we craft web design for Warwickshire.

Content: The popular adage ‘Content is the King’ is true, but only to a certain extent. Content alone cannot hold the attention of your visitor. When your visitor is in a hurry, he often skips the content and could also skip your site as well. Animations and interfaces are also needed to pull the attention of your visitors.

Your web content should not be too elaborate and look dull to your visitors. Use applets and interfaces wherever necessary and bring down unattractive quotient that content may pose to your website. Employ interfaces that are required to institute the relation between your target audience and your brand. Use these applets and interfaces in gaming, comic and such other interactive sites. This will keep your visitors interested in your website. Bring in to-the-point content and alluring animations to arrive at a perfect blend. Mediation often succeeds over an extreme!

Graphics: A school of web designers believe that your websites become more attractive with more graphics in them. They advocate that a lot of animations and interfaces help your website look attractive. Most of the new web designers who are fresh to the market stick to their book knowledge. They emphasize more on technology and set formulas, this often results in a site that is too heavily adorned to get loaded. A site that loads too slowly often loses to get any attention.

Opting to craft a site with 500 kb of animations and graphics would certainly be a useless task. Download speed depends on your modem and websites with large graphics take more time to get loaded. Suppose you craft a site with 100 kb of graphics and your visitor has a modem with low download speed, your site would take ages to get loaded. This would certainly keep your site out of his reach.

Graphics that are purely decorative and add too little informative value to your site must be avoided as far as possible. Decorative pages are desirable, but too much of graphics are a bane on your website popularity as they increase the loading duration of your site. Use graphics appropriately as and when required, give equal importance to content as well.

As already said web design has no fast and hard rule. It simply adheres to the philosophy of targeting the taste of your audience. Whether you have a dynamic or a static website, it should appropriately cater to the needs of your target audience. At Willco Web Design, we comprehensively implement these things while we undertake web design for Warwickshire.


Published on: 22nd December 2013